What is Cupping?

Cupping involves placing a hollow vessel (known as a cup) on the surface of the skin then applying suction. This creates a vacuum effect between the cup and the skin, which causes the skin to lift slightly from the muscles.  This lift draws the fascia (connective tissue) towards the surface, easing muscular tension and pain.

Cups can be used almost anywhere on the body - along the spine, on shoulders and shoulder blades, on hips, low backs and over joints - to relieve inflammation and soreness.


Rebalance Myotherapy - What is Cupping



What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling involves an ultra thin needle being inserted into a trigger point (commonly known as a ‘knot’) within a muscle.  The aim of the needle is to evoke a local twitch response to decrease muscular pain and dysfunction within that area.  A localised increase in blood flow is caused by the needle, as the body tries to eliminate the foreign object from its system.  This technique is painless and all needles are single use.


Rebalance Myotherapy - What is Dry Needling