Are you looking after your staff and receiving their highest level of productivity?

Rebalance Myotherapy Clinic provides a convenient corporate Myotherapy service that leaves staff members feeling rejuvenated. Our team travels to your corporate work place to treat your staff members.  Rebalance Myotherapy provide FREE stretching flyers for staff members that can help them develop skills to counteract their muscular aches and pains. All equipment needed for treatments is supplied by the clinic. 

How can your staff benefit from Myotherapy within the work place?

Have you heard the saying ‘sitting is the new smoking’? Corporate Myotherapy concentrates on the back, neck and shoulders as these muscles are widely effected from prolonged sitting.  We have found that work places that implement Rebalance Myotherapy Corporate packages have a decrease in staff members complaining about headache and muscular stiffness. Some employers use our corporate Myotherapy as an incentive to get the best out of their staff and create an increase in morale and produce a calmer, happier work place.

Rebalance Myotherapy Clinic is located only minutes from Ballarat’s CBD and our corporate packages are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during office hours, making it very popular with businesses.

Our mobile treatment tables are light weight which enables easy transportation and assembly.  Workers gain the benefits of Myotherapy without removing their clothes during the 15mins sessions or there is the option of oil/cream based 30mins treatment sessions.

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is the assessment and treatment of myofascial pain and dysfunction.  Its main focus is on the muscular system and it uses a wide range of techniques to alleviate muscle soreness.  A large part of a treatment is focused on releasing trigger points, commonly known as ‘knots’.  These trigger points are one of the main causes of muscular tension and soreness.  Numerous techniques such as manual trigger point therapy along with the use of cupping and dry needling are used by Myotherapists


There are two packages available:

 Package One

- Minimum of two hours

                         - Treatment breakdown of 15 minutes allocation time

                         - Treatments can be through clothes

Package Two

- Minimum of two hours

                        - Treatment breakdown of 30 minutes allocation time

                       - Treatments can be through clothes or oil/cream based


For further information please contact the clinic directly.